Authors in this book:

Ake, Don

Alford, Bill

Andress, John

Arnold, Lisa

Brunyansky. Peggy

Byrnes, Eleni

Everage, Diana

Henderson, Owen

Kiggans, Michael Dean


Lavin, Audrey

Lee, Phyllis

Lindsey, Julie 

​Luikart, Ron

McCafferty, Regis


Slesnick, Scott

Spanton, Katherine

Stauffenger, Sam

Stevens, Brian

Totten, Caroline

Wagner, Marsha

Zwick, T. David

Our latest anthology, printed in early 2015, is a compilation of poetry and short stories in each writer's genre.  There are 23 authors and Poets in this anthology spanning geres from horror and mystery to romance, history and some non-fiction pieces.

​​​​The Greater Canton Writers' Guild, Inc.

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